Pixelight Creative is the design studio of Chris C. Merritt, planted firmly between the bustling suburbs of Dallas and the sprawling ranch land of North Texas. For the past decade or so I've been helping people solve problems and creating great experiences for their businesses, customers, and communities.
What I Do

The design of a great product experience starts long before the first pixel is rendered. The first steps are asking the right questions, discovering the stories and experiences of your customers, using those insights to develop better concepts and workflows, and testing those ideas with those same customers.

The work always starts with genuinely connecting with the people who use your product and continually listening to their feedback on your ideas to make sure you're designing a better experience for them in the real world.

The tools: WebEx or Zoom, Keynote, Survey Monkey, and Appsee.

When your ideas are finally ready for prototyping and testing with customers, the real fun begins for me. The world of wire-framing, information architecture, defining user flows, and prototyping can be a little chaotic, but it's where authentic collaboration takes place and great ideas are born, even if you can't make it out yet.

Great UX design is a team effort. You don't have to be a pro designer to contribute great design ideas. You just have to care about your customers and want to give them a great user experience. All ideas are welcome---my job is to help refine everyone's ideas into an organized concept. Then we test the concept with customers and learn how we can improve it. You can learn more about my process here

The tools: pen and paper, whiteboards, Miro, InVision, Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD.

Carefully crafting pixel-perfect interfaces for your products is where I really find my happy place. I care deeply about designing an experience that's intuitive, simple to understand, and easy to use, not to mention beautiful. There's nothing more satisfying to me than creating a design that people love to use every day.

The tools: Figma, Sketch, InVision, InVision Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe XD.

I've also been known to help companies and organizations develop a new brand. If you need help creating an identity and creative direction that's clear, meaningful, and memorable, I'd love to be involved.

The tools: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Enough about me though --- the whole reason I do this is to serve people like you. I'd love to hear from you, learn more about what you're working on, and see if there's something I could do to contribute to your project's success.

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